about Dana

Dana Wheelock comes from a long line of ancestors who were inspired to explore the world through its structure and form—from his intrepid great aunt who followed the four winds in search of new bird species while her husband captured their images on film, to his great grandfather who shaped the Chicago skyline along with Louis Sullivan and his father who designed and built their family home, guided by the contour of the land and quality of light that surrounded them.

Though Dana is most recognized for his award winning architectural photography, he has always, simultaneously, carried on a private and parallel conversation through images of places and things that tend not to draw attention—places built long ago and have been forgotten or aspects of life that quietly flourish on the sidelines without particular fanfare.  The images gathered in this website are from these private conversations.

Inquiries about purchasing images or about commissions can be directed to Dana through the website.

dana wheelock

office: 651-644-2030
cell: 612-963-0912

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